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This is a localised programme exploring issues which are prevalent in the identified community. Focus has previously been on issues such as:


WWYD? has expanded and grown across the Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Since it's birth in Bristol, it's become increasing relevant and needed across the West Country. Throughout it's progression, the WWYD? model has been adapted to every area its been delivered within.

From rural parts of the county to towns, this model has the ability to change it's approach to speak to each of the community's needs and history.


Many of the topics covered within the WWYD? programme speak directly to how young people are protected and safeguarded throughout adolescence. The programme has enabled some young people to speak honestly and openly about how they have been affected by the topics.

This has often lead to disclosures to within the programme and we recognise this is due to the safe environment created within the WWYD? workshops. Throughout the programme we
have worked in partnership with safeguarding leads and supporting agencies to ensure young people receive the best support following the programme's delivery.

Click here to see our 2021 Bristol Impact document.

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